Tuesday, July 3, 2012

So, you wanna make kimchi? Come on in...

Welcome to Daddy's Kimchi-story.  You can read that as Kimchi Story (as in a story about kimchi) or Kimchi History (sort of a play on words, but ...Kimc-history looked weird. What's Kimc? See what I mean?)

My name is Greg, and I'm mainly using this blog as a method to share the recipes I've come across for making kimchi of all different sorts. I'm by no means an expert at either blogging or kimchi making, but I'm no stranger to the kitchen and didn't have to take bonehead English as a freshman at UCLA many years ago, so this should be less painful than getting kochu garu (red chile pepper) in the in eye.

Ready? Set? Time to ferment...

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  1. Hey, my name is Greg too :D I wish you had more posts here!